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Urban Array (Client Project)

Urban Array welcome page

I am currently the lead front-end developer for Urban Array, a blockchain-based non-profit/social enterprise startup with the goal of empowering underserviced communities.

This app was built alongside a team of developers using React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, and Amazon Web Services.

It is intended to be a project management platform for community development projects such as urban farming and building restoration. The goal is to get a working system that can later be tokenized, as the goal is to reward volunteer efforts with a crypto token that can be redeemed at local businesses for goods and services.

If you'd like to learn more or get involved, please feel free to reach out!

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RecommendMe (Client Project)

Recommend Me homepage

RecommendMe is a social restaurant recommendation app that allows you to discover new restaurants in your area based on what your friends recommended, and follow people with similar tastes.

I redesigned the Home, Search, and Feed pages to reflect updates in the RecommendMe iOS app and optimize for the mobile user to increase downloads and signups.

This app is built with React and deployed using Heroku and Amazon Web Services.

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ABC Training

ABC Training landing page

ABC Training is a prototype application designed for companies that need to share documents or other materials with different groups of people (clients, etc.). It is built with a training firm in mind, but can be applied in a wide variety of contexts. You can log in either as a student or as an administrator.

This app was built using React, Redux, Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, and Material UI in two, two-week sprints.

Updates will include the ability to batch upload documents and users to streamline the workflow on the administrator's side. Additional analytics and administrator-side dashboard features are forthcoming.

You can log in and check out the admin functionality using the email address hannah@hannah.com and password 12345.

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Shoestring landing page

Shoestring is a travel budget planning app targeted towards broke millennials. Enter your destination, your dates, your budget, and how much you already have saved to put towards the trip, and the app will track your progress towards your wanderlust goals.

This app was built using React, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, and ReactStrap in a one-week small-group programming sprint. It pulls in data from the Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox Flight Low-Fare Search and Hotel Airport Search APIs.

Updates will include a larger data set, minor bug-fixes, and additional flight booking capabilities. You can log in and check out the full app functionality using the username and password 12345.

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My Canvas

MyCanvas login page

MyCanvas is a mixed-media collage sharing app that allows users to express themselves through music, photos, and poetry.

Version 1 of this app was built using Express, Node, MongoDB, and Bootstrap in a one-week pair-programming sprint.

Version 2 of this app allows users to log in using their Spotify account and OAuth and have greater selection over the music played alongside their canvas, as well as address some bug-fixes from V1. It's far from finished but it was a great sandbox to begin playing around with OAuth.

V1 - GitHubV2 - GitHub


Battle view

Fly back and forth across the screen using the arrow keys and use the spacebar to shoot at alien ships to defend the earth from an incoming invasion. The levels get progressively more challenging as you advance, and the alien ships become more difficult to destroy.

This game was built using HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and jQuery in a one-week sprint.

Play GameGitHub

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